Sunday, September 20, 2009

..... Wildcard!

First off, congrats to the Useless Chick for retaining the belt in impressive fashion. You are truly a shit show and should be proud. As for the Wildcard ........ I don't even know what to say to you. Wildcard has been living in absolute filth. His room literally smells like a locker room. Every time I walk past it I can't wait till I'm downstairs so that the smell of filth and stale beer can comfort my nostrils. I feel that I have to stress the smell because it is so shockingly bad. It smells like he's bottled up James Gandolfini's ass crack sweat, let it ferment, drank it, and then puke it up all over his room. His room is litered with empty pizza boxes, tins of dip, and cigarretts. Not to mention the piles of dirty clothes that have been spread around his room as if a tornado came through. I think the only way to clean his room is to burn it down and just start over.

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