Monday, September 7, 2009

In Support of Gin Buckets

There is nothing wrong with a Gin Bucket. If you and your friends ever feel like hey man I feel like gettin real real drunk, then make a Gin Bucket. It's pure gold for getting shit slammed. Either way I do have to confess it did make me feel like I was the Muscle not the Brains seeing as I slammed a man against a door while holding his throat. But don't worry kids, "The Brooks" is done at this house. If you get slap happy drunk and someone else is slap happy, I can guarentee the truth will come out, and it did.

On a good note I learned that liquor will guarentee me my room when "The Animal" comes out and the useless chick decides its time to fuck some broad. By the way the useless chick is my roommate and not a chick whatsoever. If I drink Liquor I will pass out early enough to not have to give up the room for the animals vag poundings.

So after a night of committing assault and battery along with passing out early in the midst of a party...........I'm still pro gin bucket.

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