Friday, September 11, 2009

Flip Cup

Never ever underestimate the number of people that can show up to a flip cup tournament. You might expect 25 teams of 4 people....... but 36 teams of 4 people is a whole different animal. $5 a person gets somewhere close to 37 cases of the BEAST. And what does that mean.........people get fucked up, and a bit angry. Either way a good time was had by most. In good news however Wild Card and The useless chick managed to cock block each other. Yes that's right they took turns cock blocking each other. And that is not good when The Animal appears in the useless chick. Yes he was in full animal mode.

For those wondering what full animal mode is. Well it's when he wants some poon, wants to ravage twat persay. The animal is not concerned with looks, even though this particular victim was a good one..... he will stick it in anything with a vagina. But this marks the first time he has been cock blocked.

And you might wonder how he got cock blocked. Well it was a purposeful cock block orchestrated by wild card. wild card and two other persons went up to the useless chick and licked the side of his face and then made him come with them. Yes those raging homos licked the side of his face............ yep that happened.

As for my night...... just got drunk. Nothing too exciting but there is a party tonight so I'll be sure to use my favorite motto..... GET DRUNK AND KICK SHIT.

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