Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Enough Said right? Apparently not because I'm going to blog about it now. Yesterday started out real bad because I did really bad on my Finance test and heard about how Kayne West was being a doucebag again, but soon changed in my favor (or demise). I went to Arrow with Wild Card and was amazed at all the treats available for my taking. I bought two types of vodka and they are delicious. Red Lobsters was amazing, but 70 shrimp made me sleepy and not able to drink.... at first. Slowly the feeling of fullness left as the feeling of drunkiness overwhelmed me. I was strong at the house winning 4 consecutive beer pong games and drinking 2 shots. I was a little drunk, but I knew I wouldn't stop there. Bargos: Irish carbomb, Washington apple, Soco amaretto and lime, Bud lite, Bartender's choice shot, and another 1 or 2 shots. I'm glad the muscle and wild card went out with me, but the brains really lived up to his name by studying (fag) and the useless chick was once again being useless (enough said). I dominated the dance floor that doesn't exist at Bargos and when I was finished there was a shot waiting for me. I DRANK IT ALL! not good though because after that I casually proceded to the bathroom to do work. When I came out, BC magically appeared out of no where and made a play by taking me home. The brains and useless chick were waiting for my arrival with water and it was good. All was good and turning 21 should happen at least once every year for everyone.

P.S. (just thought this was funny so I'm going to share). I heard the brains got his name, not by being smart, but by actually giving good brain! (just throwing that out there)

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