Saturday, October 31, 2009

Double Dang and why I love country music damn im drunk

I am fucking drunk as piss i mean shit man. Well first off i just want to let everyone know that i typing with one eye open so that i can see tha danm screen. Holy shit i hate thefact that this website shows misspellings and shit and what not i am retarded and that is apparent by the previos sentences. Either way here goes a blog since none of my damn roommates right on this shit man,

I love county music. You know why? Because if you give the music a chance you will realize that the lyrics and shit are about real fucking life they are about the real world that we live in and generally about problems that we have all had or about getting drunk on a friday.

Country music brings people together other than fucking rednecks It pisses me off so damn much when people stereotype country music with shit they dont like simply because it is south, poor and all kinds of other bullshit lies, I'll tell you what is a bunch of god damn lies, every fucking rap song written in the last 30 years. Just give country a chance man it is the real fucking deal it is the songs about the shit that are what we all want and what we all real live on daily basis and if your ass doesnt believe that then fuck off! I mean i might be more redneck than the average person but fuck off man country music is the music of the real person. that bullshit cut your wrist music is horseshit and if that is really your true feelings for life then fucking cut your damn wrist and get it over with. Rock is pretty much dead except for a few band which lyrics are based in country music were life is based on the real god damn world,

I plan on wearing my boots out every damn day i can and in every situation possible and if you fucking disagree then fuck off and let me know and i will turn them into true fag stompers but dont make fun of what i love....... life, racing, baseball and golf and those are what i love so dont tread on that shit or ill let you know about your hypocritcal life you sons of bitches country is what i love and if you dont then dont let me know just let me live my life

shit im drunk and that was long

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