Tuesday, November 17, 2009

God Damn Retards

Well shit man,

No one posts on this damn thing any more. I mean what have our lives come too. We used to update weekends like it was our damn job but no now we are fucking failing at that. So now I will update what in the world has been going on with my damn life.

1. I am becoming closer and closer to becoming a republican, why because Joe Biden is a damn retard
2. I have no idea what happened saturday night, way to go the Brains; simply put I failed to use my damn brain go unbelievable drunk and let my date leave. what a damn retard, she was hot, and actually still is assuming she didn't start playing soccer for the university of dayton and ruin her car/face by attempting to drive through a telephone pole.
3.Dogs are clearly the best damn animals on earth, and I really want one of them.
4.The Wild Cards AWESOME IDEA: Buy a pack of cigs, there are 20 in a pack. Now, what if one of those ciggarettes had weed in it but you didnt know which one assuming your retarded and didnt have any smell or taste and then damn your fucking high as balls. OOOO shit I smoked the weed cigarette. If you would like to know why part 1 makes sense refer to the previous idea from Wild Card who is also from the same meaningless East Coast state.
5. School is easy to loose focus on after you manage to go to school during the summer and then continue taking classes in the fall. WAY TOO MUCH CLASS WAY TOO LITTLE SLEEP and way too little drankin.
6. Dickie V is an idiot. Anyone can take some damn adderoll and rant for hours loudly and act they know what they are talking about. What the fuck do you think most every college student who takes that shit does. What pisses me off about the people who take that shit is 80% of the them will then argue that steriods doesn't belong in sports. Well guess what jerk offs adderoll is clearly a performance enhancer.



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